Starting from next week with FP4+,  we’ll feature a film a week 

Please share any images that you have shot on this film in any format on our Twitter, Facebook  and Pinterest pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

Here are a some of our favourites from the last seven days…

Images @ToddConnaghan 4×5 contact prints MG IV paper.


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Pinned to Ilford Photo  from Redbridge Museum


Random Street @shutteringthrulife I am down to my last few images from my first ever roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400. read more


@DrMarsRover fresh of the drying rack: Seattle’sGreatWheel on Delta100, RC print


Normans thinking! is it going to be a Delta 3200 or Panf type of weekend
Another great week for images, thank you again for sharing them with us.