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May 2016

Friday Favourites: 27th May 2016 #ilfordpanf

The images that you have shared with us this week have really highlighted the best attributes of our ILFORD PANF+ film. Here are  our #ilfordfridayfavourites.

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Thanks to: @PanamStyle @Steven Wallace @linus_rampp @EJFoto @ClickErik @Smadymenko @andywasley

#ilfordpanf #ilfordfilm #ilfordphoto #fingrain

Next week’s focus will be #ilforddelta100

Please share any images that you have shot on this film in any format on our Twitter, Facebook  Pinterest and Instagram pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

On Reading – stealing from the best


me with camera
Ron Hammond

I have been actively photographing for over 50 years, full time since retiring from a long career in scientific software and control systems. While largely self-taught, I formally studied photography at the Keenan Center for the Arts in Lockport NY, privately with Russell Drisch in Buffalo NY, at Bellevue Community College, privately with Nick Hansen in Seattle, at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, and at the Coupeville Center for the Arts.

My heroes are the great humanist photographers; Andre Kertesz, Helen Levitt, Peter Turnley, Edouard Boubat, Milton Rogovin, … and especially Willy Ronis and Robert Doisneau.

Like my heroes, I am much more interested in people and their everyday lives than in spectacular places or momentous events. One of these heroes, Robert Doisneau, described himself as a “fisherman of images“. I like the metaphor of patiently waiting with baited camera at an interesting time and place.

On Reading — stealing from the best

Nearly all of my photographs organize themselves into loosely defined, open-ended projects that are never finished but often stop at an interesting place for a portfolio, show, or hand-made book.

People often ask; “Where do you get ideas for your projects?” British photographer and educator, David Hurn says; “Our advice to photographers is best expressed by Calvin Trilling: ‘The immature artist borrows; the mature artist steals.’ So steal from the best.”

I’m certainly stealing from the best for this one. In the 1970’s the great Andre Kertesz published a charming book titled “On Reading”. Quite a few years later I stumbled upon it in the public library and not too long after that my wonderful wife (at the time a used book dealer) found me a copy of my own. It has since been reprinted in paper cover but my vintage hardback is way cooler.

The Seattle area (where we live) is more than a bit bookish so it isn’t at all hard to find raw material for my own “On Reading” project. In fact, I sorted through my negatives and found quite a few already there and I’ve added to the project from time to time ever since. People who are reading are easy marks — lost in their book the rest of the world kind of fades away. Here’s one from Honolulu:

“On Reading #25” -Fujifilm GA645, HP5 220

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Friday Favourites: #ilfordfp4

This week we’re featuring some stunning images shot on #ilfordFP4+ in our #ilfordfridayfavourites gallery.

Thank you to everybody that shared with us.

 Garden still life 4x5in Ilford fp4 film.
 1st scan from tonight’s test shoot with my reluctant son as the model .. Mamiya 645 on ilford FP4


 The gate to nowhere // //


 Mell Shot with a view camera and Ilford FP4+.

Our focus for next week will be #ilfordPANF+. Please share any images that you have shot on this film in any format on our Twitter, Facebook  and Pinterest pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

Friday Favourites: 13th May 2016

Starting from next week with FP4+,  we’ll feature a film a week 

Please share any images that you have shot on this film in any format on our Twitter, Facebook  and Pinterest pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

Here are a some of our favourites from the last seven days…

Images @ToddConnaghan 4×5 contact prints MG IV paper.


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Pinned to Ilford Photo  from Redbridge Museum


Random Street @shutteringthrulife I am down to my last few images from my first ever roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400. read more


@DrMarsRover fresh of the drying rack: Seattle’sGreatWheel on Delta100, RC print


Normans thinking! is it going to be a Delta 3200 or Panf type of weekend
Another great week for images, thank you again for sharing them with us.

The problem of buttons and why I love a film camera…

Bio picHamish Gill is a professional photographer who shoots both film and digital. He’s been taking photos since he was a child and working as a photographer in one form or another for coming on a decade. He is also a dedicated blogger with a penchant for 35mm compact cameras and rangefinders.

I’m a passionate film photographer. There are plenty of us about, and indeed plenty of reasons for choosing film as a medium. Many of these reasons are quoted ad nauseam by any and every film photographer. It’s actually one of the biggest problems I have with digital photography, it’s us given film photographers a soap box to waffle on about how much better film is… Yawn… I’m going to make some assumptions about the audience of this blog, and as such I’m not going to repeat all of the justifications usually touted by film photographers; you will quite likely be familiar most if not all of it and probably fairly bored of reading about it.

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Friday Favourites: May 6th 2016

A big thank you to everybody sharing images with us this week. We love seeing them.

#starwarsday seemed to spark people imagination and we saw some great images on May 4th

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Here are some of our other favourites from the last week:-


@ovis_arjes Reflecting Jay. at 1600


@Charlespietri Live de @michelcloup Duo au @letransbordeur – soutien au @SonicLyon – 04/2016 // @NikonFR #F80 @ILFORDPhoto #HP5plus
@Keithmoss The things you see on Redcar high street. #analogue #bnw #streetphotography @ILFORDPhoto #hp5

Please keep sharing your images with us on our Twitter, Facebook  and Pinterest pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

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