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Street Portraits by Davide Rizzo

Head shot of Davide RizzoI was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1978 from a quite ordinary, middle-class family, and I have spent most of my life there (including the academic years that led me to a master in Computer Engineering) until I decided to move abroad and build my career in Consulting. I have since then lived in Milan, Turin, Paris, Brussels and now London.


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Friday favourites: 12th January

Thank you all for sharing your shots with us this week. Here are a few of our favourites that made us take a closer look #ilfordfridayfavourites

Black and white portrait from 1979 shot on ILFORD FP4 film
@jimcallum My Mom, Bess, at the kitchen table with a wine cooler. May 1979. #ilfordfp4 #120film #6x6film  # #RIP
Black and white photo of Hampden Park shot on ILFORD PanF+ 120 film
@willgudgeon Hampden Park Eastbourne. Camera: Mamiya RB67 Film: 120 Ilford Pan F50
Black and white portrait shot on a large format camera with Ilford film
@matteoprez #largeformat #portraitphotography w/ #graflex #crowngraphic @ILFORDPhoto #ishootfilm #filmisnotdead 
Black and white landscape shot on a large format film camera with ilford Delta 100 film
@samuelferrara My first image of 2017 happens to be the first shot Intrepid 4×5, Sinar Sinaron (Grandagon) f/4.5 @ f45, 1/2s, Ilford Delta 100, developed in Perceptol 1:1, dry mount v800 scan.
Black and white photo of Eastern Colorado, shot on Ilford Dellta 400 film
‏@craig58 #ilfordfridayfavourites Eastern Colorado. 35mm Delta 400.

Next week we’re looking for your images on the theme of ‘weather’ so dig out your ski’s or your sun hats and share using #ilfordfridayfavourites

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Friday favourites: 05th January

Happy new year to you all.

We asked you this week about what resolutions and challenges you have set yourselves for the next year,  and it was great to hear that so many of you are planning to take your film photography further by trying new formats, processing yourself,  or having your first go at home printing  We can’t wait to see your results. Continue reading “Friday favourites: 05th January”

Darkness and light with Ilford Delta 3200 by Aivaras Sidle

Aivaras Sidle Posrtrait

I’m a 36-year-old enthusiast photographer from Lithuania. I’ve had camera’s as far back as I remember – both film and digital p&s, which I used to document life around me.

My attitude towards photography changed in 2012 after I found an unused film SLR in my office. Then I started to look at my surroundings differently and I became totally hooked on shooting film. Continue reading “Darkness and light with Ilford Delta 3200 by Aivaras Sidle”

Friday favourites: New beginnings

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the festive season and are looking forward to a new year with lots of new opportunities to shoot film.

Black and white photo of baby shot on ILFORD XP2S fim

@mamaberryjournal Happy Monday! Photo by @petersutedja ilford XP2 super #filmisnotdead #analogindonesia #keepfilmalive #ilfordfilm #goodnight #ilfordxp2super

Black and white photo pf cherry blossom taken at Memphis botanical gardens on Ilford hp5 film by susan clement
@susankclement Cherry Blossom #believeinfilm #bronicaetrs #ilfordfilm #ilfordhp5
Black and white wedding photo shot on Delta 3200 film
@heathernan These two. All class. The end. #saltlakeweddingphotographer #blackandwhitefilm #filmmama #pentax645nii #theperfectdressbridal #delta3200 
Black and white film photo of nature reserve Shot on Ilford Photo FP4+ film
@barnabynutt A nature reserve grows from an old coal mining railway yard @ILFORDPhoto #ilfordfridayfavourites #2birds1stone #newbeginnings #FP4Party #ilfordFP4

Please keep sharing your images with us, we love to see what you are doing with our films

Friday favourites: Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to be Jolly, tra la la la la….

Some festive #ilfordfridayfavourites  this week. We hope you all have a lovely break and we’ll see you in the new year. Continue reading “Friday favourites: Happy Holidays”

Pinhole photography by Sandy McLennan

Sandy McLennan is an Ontario, Canada multi-media artist thriving on reinvention. After graduating Sheridan College Media Arts he moved to Muskoka in 1986. At that time he received a provincial grant to teach pinhole photography.

McLennan worked as Audio-Visual/Computer Technician in schools until 2014. Pulling from layers of experience and current crises of the privileged, McLennan’s art is a channelling of evidence viewed through compulsion – expressed via photography, motion pictures, installation, and performance. Continue reading “Pinhole photography by Sandy McLennan”

Friday favourites: Out of this world

A selection of other worldly images for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites

Black and white image from @fordmattford shot on ilford film
@fordmattford One for Bill, Joliet. #35mm #filmphotography #ilfordphoto #ilfordfilm #ilfordfridayfavourites :
Black and white photo of Spearhead Glacier hot on Ilford Photo FP4 film
‏@PSPhotoNet On Spearhead glacier #Whistler #BC #Canada #film #ContaxT3 #FP4 #Ilford #ilfordfridayfavourites @ILFORDPhoto @stillshootfilm


black and white photography of Darkleks shot on ILFORD Photo fp4 film
@karendawe Darleks on FP4+ 35MM


Black and white Photo of storm troopers shot on Ilford PANF film
@EJFoto @ILFORDPhoto playing/testing shallow DoF with some #PanFPlus #IlfordFridayFavourites #StarWarsRogueOne
Black and white seascape by Darren Kelland shot on Ilford HP5 film and printed in the dakroom on Ilford Photo Warmtone paper
Darren Kelland‎ Whisper Photograph taken using Ilford HP5+ Film developed by Ilford at their lab Negatives enlarged using Ilford developer, stop bath and fixer Printed on Ilford warm tone paper.

Thank you to everybody who shared with us again this week, seeing your images really brightens our days!

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As we’re heading towards the festive season, so we thought we’d share the themes for the next couple of weeks with you. Please share any images relating to any of these themes using the # shown below and #ilfordfridayfavourites

23rd December – Happy Holidays (Can be any holidays) #happyhols

30th December – New beginnings (I’m sure we can have some fun with this)  #beginnings

Friday favourites: Where I live

We’ve had a brilliant response to this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites theme of Where I live.

Here are a few of our favourite shots Continue reading “Friday favourites: Where I live”

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