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June 2016

Friday favourites: #ilforddelta3200

It’s been another great week for images, thank you all so much for sharing with us. It was fab to see more starting to come in from Instagram as well this week

We’ve chosen a few of our #ilfordfridayfavourites below all shot on #ilforddelta3200 Continue reading “Friday favourites: #ilforddelta3200”

So – Apparently film is dead?

Brandon Donnelly by Abi Smith PhotographyMy name is Brandon Donnelly and I have been studying photography for little over a year now.

My introduction to photography was rather bizarre. After being with my partner for a short time, I was invited to her sister’s wedding. Feeling rather uncomfortable as a new member of the family, I took my sisters Canon Rebel DSLR to keep me company. My logic was that if I found myself plummeting into an inescapable awkward scenario, I could wander off with my camera capturing the special day. Continue reading “So – Apparently film is dead?”

Friday Favourites: #ilfordxp2s

We’ve had a really hard time choosing which images to feature in this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites

The scan quality from #ilfordxp2 is amazing and really shows off your great shots

Continue reading “Friday Favourites: #ilfordxp2s”

Friday Favourites: #ilfordhp5

Looking at the amount of images that have been shared this week and the range of subjects and speeds that you have shot it at, it’s easy to see why #ilfordhp5 is our most popular film. 

 Thank you to everybody that shared, here are a few of our #ilfordfridayfavourites
 Hand coloured Self-portrait ‘Misery’ taken on


@gnasheruk  Monster #ricohdiacord #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #mediumformat #ilfordhp5 #iglondon #ig_london
 Shoshone National Forest A-1 on
 Backroad adventures lead to Three Silos.


Franklin James Fisher,

Next week’s focus will be #ilfordxp2

Please share any images that you have shot on this film using #ilfordphoto #ilfordxp2  on our Twitter, Facebook  Pinterest and Instagram pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

Disconnect – Krisztian Bedynski


Kristian Bedynski profile picture

I started taking pictures on the streets of Budapest around 2008. I switched to film shortly after, as that’s what suits me best.

My main goal with my photography is to document the world that I experience, broaden my vision and establish some kind of balance with photographs taken in overlooked, “insignificant”, undocumented places. Let this be a supermarket, a not so pretty underpass with or without people in Eastern Europe or anything else that inspires me.

I believe in self-learning, and I’m always up for something new to explore.

I adhere to a strict code of conduct. I don’t believe in photoshop, don’t do much if any post processing and it has to be an exceptional day for me to crop an image.

I use Ilford’s Delta 400 for most of my work and use XP2 Super when I need my results fast.

I was born in 1988, which meant that I got a first class ticket to experience the world converting from analogue to digital during my childhood. We would listen to walkmans and rewind tapes with pencils while also figuring out how to use the computer to play our favorite games. Continue reading “Disconnect – Krisztian Bedynski”

Friday favourites: #ilforddelta100


You’ve shared an amazing variety of images for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites all shot on #ilforddelta100.

 . Haystack Rock, Canon Beach large format Delta100 fiber print

 @mailjones Liverpool on Delta 100 with an Olympus Trip 35.

@kevinjmellis Thank you @ruddyroye for the awesome opportunity to photograph your portrait. @natgeo @davidalanharvey 8×10 film.
  One of my favourite films. Here is Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A huge thank you to everybody else who shared with us this week, it was a great week with a wide range of subjects.


Next week’s focus will be #ilfordhp5

Please share any images that you have shot on this film using #ilfordphoto #ilfordhp5  on our Twitter, Facebook  Pinterest and Instagram pages for your chance to be included in next week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites

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