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Pinhole photography by Sandy McLennan

Sandy McLennan is an Ontario, Canada multi-media artist thriving on reinvention. After graduating Sheridan College Media Arts he moved to Muskoka in 1986. At that time he received a provincial grant to teach pinhole photography.

McLennan worked as Audio-Visual/Computer Technician in schools until 2014. Pulling from layers of experience and current crises of the privileged, McLennan’s art is a channelling of evidence viewed through compulsion – expressed via photography, motion pictures, installation, and performance. Continue reading “Pinhole photography by Sandy McLennan”

Friday favourites: Where I live

We’ve had a brilliant response to this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites theme of Where I live.

Here are a few of our favourite shots Continue reading “Friday favourites: Where I live”

Why I love film by Henry Woodley

Headshot pf Henry Woodley

Henry Woodley has lived in Liverpool much of his life, he has an affinity to the area, its boundaries and the challenges of what lies ‘beyond the horizon’. It is this inquisitiveness that led Henry to a degree in Film and TV Production, which he completed in 2016. A mid-course sabbatical took him to Japan where he was able to further his interest in photo journalism.

Post-graduate studies in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmith’s beckons for 2017. Meanwhile, Henry has been busy travelling, exploring popular urban culture Continue reading “Why I love film by Henry Woodley”

5 laws of concert photography – Charles Pietri

Black and white profile picture of Charles PietriMy name is Charles, I do film concert photography since September 2014. I chose analog over digital because I like to do things with my hands instead of using a computer. I mostly use HP5+ film (pushed to 1600 ISO) which I find very powerful in difficult light conditions, it’s a good compromise between precision, grain, and dynamic range.

Concert photography is easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy to take a picture of a charismatic singer on stage, but is this enough to have a great photograph ? Here are five rules that you can follow to improve your skills! Continue reading “5 laws of concert photography – Charles Pietri”

A film photography course by Athina Neocleous

Portrait of Athina

My name is Athina and I just think of myself as a person who loves taking, talking and listening about, photos and the stories behind them. You can find me on twitter @NeoAthina and at my website

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein.

Continue reading “A film photography course by Athina Neocleous”

Friday favourites: Food

Food glorious food…….Plenty of tasty shots to choose from on this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites Continue reading “Friday favourites: Food”

Dreams can come true by Craig Fleming

Portrait of Craig FlemmingProfessional photographer for over ten years, I now specialize in fashion and portraiture. Being based in the North I tend to do a lot of E-commerce work for fashion companies. Portraiture is my first love however and I do quite a bit of theatre work which has given me a chance to work with various personalities of the acting world including Richard Wilson, James Norton, and Simon Callow.

I’ve also written for a few photography magazines over the years mainly Photography monthly, Turning Pro and Professional Photographer in which I had my own column. A selection of my work is featured on the Vogue Italia website as well as Art+Commerce in New York. I’m at my happiest behind my RZ67 with a few packs of FP4 in my bag. Continue reading “Dreams can come true by Craig Fleming”

Educating the next generation by Joanne Gennard

Headshot of Joanne Gennard with medium format cameraI’ve recently started working as a lecturer on BTEC and HND photography courses at Swindon College, a job which I’m enjoying immensely.  Teaching was something I’d never considered before, not until I started helping friends who were studying on the same BA Photography course as me.  I enjoyed helping them but most of all I enjoyed seeing them understand and use the skills that I’d shown them.

Continue reading “Educating the next generation by Joanne Gennard”

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