Black and white film image Selfie of Tim Dobbs

Printer by trade and photographer by heart …

I have been shooting for over 36 years and even though I have shot for money quite a few times, I am an amateur photographer in the sense that I shoot for my enjoyment and if others like what I do then it’s a lovely bonus.

I began my love for making photos back in the late 70’s when my Art teacher who was a keen photographer set up a darkroom in school and some of us “O” levels art students dived in head first and my love for the darkroom/photography began.On leaving school I began training as a Printer which back then involved working in the darkroom as DTP had not yet reached us here in the South Wales valleys.

Most of the staff where I began my training all were into photography and I managed to learn a lot from them.Black and white film image of mountain path shot by Tim DobbsYears passed and even though I always took photos it wasn’t until I had kids that my love for photography really returned and it coincided with the beginning of affordable digital cameras so for the next few year’s film photography took a back seat for the convenience of being able to take as many images as I wanted without the worry of the cost.Black and white film image of mountain path shot by Tim DobbsJump again to about 4 years ago and I was asked by a friend if I wanted an old film camera that he had been given, a Nikon F50 to be precise along with a 50mm f1.8 lens.Black and white film image of mountain path shot by Tim DobbsI had long sold all my film cameras so said yes and after shooting my 1st roll of cheap Kodak colorplus I was hooked, the images even though they were just snapshots had a very different look and feel to the digital images that I had been used to.

Gone was the sharp almost plastic images and bang here were images that seemed to come to life … almost 3D.

This was the day I began my Gear Acquisition Syndrome and to this day I have lost count of how many cameras I have collected but I still enjoy getting a new one and shooting it.Black and white film image of mountain path shot by Tim DobbsThe images here are from one of my early attempts with my 1st proper medium format camera the Mamiya 645 1000s.

As I had not shot medium format film before I was not aware of the difference in the DOF that 120 film gives and luck for me it really worked with this roll as I shot it all at either f2.8 or f4.

All the images were shot here where I live in the lovely Garw Valley in South Wales.timdobbsphotography-009They were shot on Delta 400 and processed in Ilfotec HC which is the developer I still use for 90% of all my B&W processing for the look it gives me and the ease of use as a one shot developer and long shelf life.

I mainly shoot B&W as I like the control that I have being able to process and print my own stuff in the darkroom, nothing beats the feeling of loading a roll of HP5+ and within a few hours watch an image emerge in the tray.timdobbsphotography-010

You can find more of my stuff here if you are interested

I am also part of the 52 Rolls project where we are shooting one roll of film every week for 52 weeks

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