Bio picHamish Gill is a professional photographer who shoots both film and digital. He’s been taking photos since he was a child and working as a photographer in one form or another for coming on a decade. He is also a dedicated blogger with a penchant for 35mm compact cameras and rangefinders.

I’m a passionate film photographer. There are plenty of us about, and indeed plenty of reasons for choosing film as a medium. Many of these reasons are quoted ad nauseam by any and every film photographer. It’s actually one of the biggest problems I have with digital photography, it’s us given film photographers a soap box to waffle on about how much better film is… Yawn… I’m going to make some assumptions about the audience of this blog, and as such I’m not going to repeat all of the justifications usually touted by film photographers; you will quite likely be familiar most if not all of it and probably fairly bored of reading about it.

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