Happy new year to you all.

We asked you this week about what resolutions and challenges you have set yourselves for the next year,  and it was great to hear that so many of you are planning to take your film photography further by trying new formats, processing yourself,  or having your first go at home printing  We can’t wait to see your results.

This week’s #ilfordfridayfavourites are images that have caught our eye over the last few days

Black and white photograph "Fondata sul Lavoro" Abandoned factory, 2016 6x4,5 #film scan (#Ilford #FP4)
‏@piepasq “Fondata sul Lavoro” Abandoned factory, 2016 6×4,5 #film scan (#Ilford #FP4)
Black and white photograph of surfers on beach. Shot on ilford Delta 3200 film
@flameforcefive Experimenting with my 1st roll of #ilford 3200 EI 800 at Tynemouth @EMULSIVEfilm @BelieveInFilm @ILFORDPhoto
Black and white photograph of barbed wire. Shot on Ilford Delta 100 film
@EugeneKCamera Barbed. #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead #BW #Delta100 #Hasselblad #Zeiss #6x6film @ILFORDPhoto @EMULSIVEfilm http://eugenekeogh.com
Ellen ‏@TheFeelofFilm Jan 4 Studio Shot on @ILFORDPhoto #ilfordpanf
‏@TheFeelofFilm Studio Shot on @ILFORDPhoto #ilfordpanf
fotogram, ILFORD PHOTO (Official Page) Multigrade IV RC, 18x24cm — at lab4art.
@Zsolt Varadi  fotogram,  Multigrade IV RC, 18x24cm — at lab4art.

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