Aivaras Sidle Posrtrait

I’m a 36-year-old enthusiast photographer from Lithuania. I’ve had camera’s as far back as I remember – both film and digital p&s, which I used to document life around me.

My attitude towards photography changed in 2012 after I found an unused film SLR in my office. Then I started to look at my surroundings differently and I became totally hooked on shooting film.

Photography gives me a lot – it helps me to recover inner balance, when I need it, coaches me to see beauty around me, makes opportunities to find excitement in boring environment.

I shoot about 80% film and the rest digital. In most cases, I only shot digital when there was not enough light. This led me to try high ISO sensitivity film – Ilford Delta 3200. I tested if I could do without digital camera in dark situations – and it worked.

Now it’s me who decides which camera to use, it’s not determined by the amount of light.

Then I tested it in daylight, and I’m very satisfied by how this film delivered in such conditions (had to use ND and CPL filters at the same time, to get desired exposure).

This blog entry is my small thanks to Ilford for creating and making Delta 3200 – newly found addition to my favourite films list.

This film enables me to shoot film with available light during dark hours.

All images ©Aivaras Sidle

You can see more of Aivaras’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram  aiwalit