A selection of other worldly images for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites

Black and white image from @fordmattford shot on ilford film
@fordmattford One for Bill, Joliet. #35mm #filmphotography #ilfordphoto #ilfordfilm #ilfordfridayfavourites :
Black and white photo of Spearhead Glacier hot on Ilford Photo FP4 film
‏@PSPhotoNet On Spearhead glacier #Whistler #BC #Canada #film #ContaxT3 #FP4 #Ilford #ilfordfridayfavourites @ILFORDPhoto @stillshootfilm


black and white photography of Darkleks shot on ILFORD Photo fp4 film
@karendawe Darleks on FP4+ 35MM


Black and white Photo of storm troopers shot on Ilford PANF film
@EJFoto @ILFORDPhoto playing/testing shallow DoF with some #PanFPlus #IlfordFridayFavourites #StarWarsRogueOne
Black and white seascape by Darren Kelland shot on Ilford HP5 film and printed in the dakroom on Ilford Photo Warmtone paper
Darren Kelland‎ Whisper Photograph taken using Ilford HP5+ Film developed by Ilford at their lab Negatives enlarged using Ilford developer, stop bath and fixer Printed on Ilford warm tone paper.

Thank you to everybody who shared with us again this week, seeing your images really brightens our days!

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As we’re heading towards the festive season, so we thought we’d share the themes for the next couple of weeks with you. Please share any images relating to any of these themes using the # shown below and #ilfordfridayfavourites

23rd December – Happy Holidays (Can be any holidays) #happyhols

30th December – New beginnings (I’m sure we can have some fun with this)  #beginnings