It was fantastic to see so many darkroom prints put forward for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites.

There were so many great ones it was tough to pick our favourite few, but we whittled them down and these are our favourites

‏@marioquiroz Hand coloring for photo project #BosnianInMA. @ILFORDPhoto WarmTone paper #MarshallPhotoOils
‏@marioquiroz Hand coloring for photo project #BosnianInMA. @ILFORDPhoto WarmTone paper #MarshallPhotoOils


Dustin Veitch ‏@FaultyFlipFlap Oct 2 .@ILFORDPhoto FP4+ printed on Ilford Multigrade 4x6
@FaultyFlipFlap  FP4+ printed on Ilford Multigrade 4×6 #ilfordfridayfavourites
@ToddConnaghan Black and white silver gelatin print of Johnston Canyon, Banff Alberta
@ToddConnaghan Johnston Canyon, Banff Alberta Multigrade 4 RC Pearl
Black and white darkroom print by @Dani_Timo #Ilfordfridayfavourites #darkroom #print #35mm HP5+ E.I.800 DD-X 1:4 MG IV RC deluxe (glossy), Multigrade
@Dani_Timo #Ilfordfridayfavourites #darkroom #print #35mm HP5+ E.I.800 DD-X 1:4 MGIVRC deluxe (glossy), Multigrade





‏@Corinne_Perry Hand Coloured Darkroom Print 'Delirium' 🌸 #ilfordfridayfavourites
‏@Corinne_Perry Hand Coloured Darkroom Print ‘Delirium’ 🌸 #ilfordfridayfavourites


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