We weren’t expecting loads of images for this weeks #ilfordfridayfavourites as  we know that not everybody has the will or the equipment to shoot #largeformat, but yet again you surprised us.

A big thank you to everybody who shared with us, and who connects with us each week, we really enjoy being part of the film community.

@robert_oliver_1 Sep 13 "Oak Tree - Los Osos, CA" shot on @ilfordphoto 4x5 FP4+
@robert_oliver_1 “Oak Tree – Los Osos, CA” shot on 4×5 FP4+
Black and white image of dowslakepark by Matt Hinther. Shot on large format Delta 100 film
@matthinther 4×5 #ilfordfilm Delta 100. #dowslakepark #film #nightphotography #ottawa #viewcamera #caffenol
Black and white image of waterfall shot on Ilford Delta 100 film
@Hayden Klein Delta 100 4×5
Black and white landscape panorama shot on large format FP4+ film by Criag Pindell
‏@cpindell1 8×10 FP4+ developed in DD-X diluted 1:6, cropped for panorama. 240 mm lens
Black and white landscape shot on large format FP4+ film
@NorthStarGFX Illinois, USA my very first large format image from 12/26/15 FP4+ developed in Ilfosol3.

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The theme for next weeks #ilfordfriday favourites will be #autumn