You have shared some amazing images with us in the last week. Here are a few of our favourites…

Image   Speaking without words. I’ve been shooting a lot of HP5+ in 4×5 format lately. Aero Ektar lens.
Image     your film continues to blow my mind!
Image   My choccy lab shot on an OM-1 with HP5
Silvio Naf
Image ©Silvio Näf   In love with film ILFORD PHOTO (Official Page)HP5 400, Ilfotec HC 20°C 8min, Leica M6, Summicron 35mm f2


Image    I’ve been shooting much more B&W film lately. Some alternative printing is coming soon.

@Biotecbob FP4 4X5
Image @Biotecbob   I just started in large format film photography, loving the detail in the big negatives (Shot on FP4+)


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