Some of our favourite images from the last week


Image @Zen_bones    Anna, HP5+ 400 pulled 90 seconds in dev.



Image @EugeneKCamera  Passion.


Images @HarrisonMade

RT@IanOxfam weekend #blackandwhitephotography Bronica GS-1 @ILFORDPhoto #FP4 #believeinfilm Image @IanOxfam

Repost from @Matteo Prezioso

Alejandro Campuzano
Foto tomada por Alejandro Campuzano Rolleiflex 3.5F / ILFORD PHOTO (Official Page) HP5+ 400 / Sekonic L-408 /Epson 4490 Rollo revelado por Efrain Gomez Poder Poder with Rodinal 1:50

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